Good news from the Medical Research to the professional Aesthetic world

Young Again®, since more than 10 years, represents the excellence in the medical aesthetic devices market in many countries. Furthermore, over the last few years, has become the reference in treatment of skin cancer.
Many medical articles have been published on specialties magazines.
Young Again® technology was subject of papers presented at International meetings of anti-aging medicine.
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Real benefits

Real benefitsReal benefits are coming from the unique features of Young Again®


4 CRITICAL ELEMENTS ensure that the YOUNG AGAIN® light emission be truly efficient
• An emission at high pressure (for example RED >100 mW per cm²) on the skin*
• A minimal energy dispersion (every centimeter of distance between the LED* and the skin increases
the dispersion)
• A specific management of the LED light emission* with the YOUNG AGAIN® software (according to the treatment chosen)
• An emission of the LED light both in continuous and pulsed (scattering) mode

• Not Painful
• Not Invasive
• Rapid execution 10/15 Minutes per session
• UNIQUE (International Patent) in providing “Instant gratification”

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Seems impossible but is real safe and unique

Real benefits

We are truly unique (patented to the world).

YOUNG AGAIN® is the only Patented technology in which the benefits of high pressure light and heat are exploited at 100%.

Working at a minimal distance (5-10 mm), tissues receive all the energy emitted without any dispersion.


Rimuovi immagine in evidenza

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Chemical and physical effects of photobiostimulation, photoeudermia and photodynamic

Medical Papers About Us

Young Again

  • A new PDT technique in Actinic Keratosis Treatment and in NMSC (Non Melanoma Skin Cancer) prevention

Paolo Mezzana, M.D., Plastic Surgeon, Chiara Canci, M.D., Dermatologist, Oncological Dermatology Service“Marco Polo” Private Hospital, Rome Italy. - AMWC 2013 - Montecarlo

  • Face Photorejuvenation with Young Again® technology 

A. Luverà MD, M.T. Luverà MD, E. Cervadoro MD, G. Cervadoro MD. - AMWC 2012 – Montecarlo

  • Photorejuvenation and PDT by a new LED technique 

At close distance
C. Canci MD, P. Mezzana MD U.S.I. – UnioneSanitariaInternazionale
Clinic Marco Polo – Rome 2012

  • Predominatly non-thermal facial skin photorejuvenation

Using a sequentially combined CW-PW facial mask
L. Marini MD Trieste, Krunic MD University of Illinois, Chicago
AMWC 2012 – Montecarlo 

  • Photorejuvenation by PDT through a new LED technique - Young Again

Young Again® Technology
C. Canci, MD.; P. Mezzana MD – Cutaneous Oncology Division – Rome
AMWC 2012 Montecarlo 

  • Young Again® Photobiostimulation: for a safer tanning

Dr. Cavagna – LNE Sept. 2011 

  • Young Again® PROJECT – Cellular Vitality & Longevity

Dr. R. Cavagna AMWC – Montecarlo 2011

  • Young Again® – LED it be,

Biostimolazione eudermica naturale
Dr. R. Cavagna – Parma LNE March 2011

  • Young Again® Technology

Dr. P . Mezzana – AMWC April 2010 – Montecarlo

  • The role of photobiostimulation in the treatment of maleand female androgenetic alopecia: preliminary results on the use of an innovative equipmen 

Valeriani MD, Mezzana MD 2010

  • Improvement of skin texture 

P. Mezzana MD – High and Low intensity lights and multidrugs
biostimulation Laser Med Sci DOI 10.1007/s10103-007-0456-8 Feb. 2007

  • Decrease of periorbital wrinkles depth    

Dr. Cavagna - Dermocosmesi integrata 2011

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